Saturday, 14 July 2012

Trimble 3D Warehouse - Airplane

Trimble 3D Warehouse - Avion Comercial Airplane
 This avion commercial airplace model created in SketchUp.
Trimble 3D Warehouse - FedEx Express airplane
FedEx Express airplane model created in SketchUp.
Trimble 3D Warehouse - Japan Airlines Bombardier
 Bombardier (Canadair) CRJ-200ER Regional Jet operated by J-Air, a regional subsidiary of Japan Airlines.
Trimble 3D Warehouse - Mitsubishi Zero Fighter Aircraft
This is a rendering of the A6M3 Model 32, widely known as the "Zero" or "Zeke". The Japanese produced thousands of "Zeroes" throughout the war, subsequently modifying it extensively.
Trimble 3D Warehouse - Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing
 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747-400 created in SketchUp.
Trimble 3D Warehouse - United Airlines Boeing Airplane
United Airlines Boeing 747-400 model created in Sketchup, but this airplace model B747-400 in current United livery.

Trimble 3D Warehouse - Bed

Trimble 3D Warehouse - Bed Frame with Styling
 A bed frame with Japanese styling.
Trimble 3D Warehouse - Blu Dot Dodu Queen Bed
The Blu Dot Dodu Queen Bed by Smat Furniture. A generously thick headboard with felt upholstery and French seams help create a soft, sculptured and low-profile bed. 
Trimble 3D Warehouse - Oak Headboard Bed
 A single bed with Quilt Change the texture on this bed. An oak headboard with this bed.
Trimble 3D Warehouse - Queen Bed with 6 storage units
The Modu-licious Queen Bed by Blu Dot features six convenient storage units beneath the bed itself, giving you an attractive and functional space-saving bedroom option. The Modu-licious line of beds and storage units was designed to let the user customize their color schemes.
Trimble 3D Warehouse - Wrought Iron Bed Set
Wrought Iron Bed Set with bed and end tables and table lamps with wrought iron base.